Acoustic treatment panels

As can be seen & heard in our demonstration room, acoustic panels can help a room greatly in the enjoyment and correct reproduction of music.

If your main listening room is a shared living space, then compromise is always going to be needed. We can make bespoke sized panels in a large variety of finishes, thicknesses and also designs. We can also turn artwork, T–shirts, album covers etc into bespoke panels, have a look at the photographs of some already produced.

These can be for corners, walls or first reflection points. Where they are to be placed and what they are intended to do is all important with regard to how thick and how they are faced, please bear that in mind.

We are happy to talk and work with you on what we can do. Our artwork is pre mounted for us by ‘Framed for You’ We then proceed to make the panels from there. I am happy to take you to them and they can quote you personally for the mount required, or just let me know what you are looking for and it will be sorted.

We can also offer a service where your own photographs are printed onto canvas and then turned into acoustic treatment panels by mounting those prints into thick frames lined with rockwool. Please contact with us if this is of interest to you.