Demonstration rooms

Our demonstration rooms have been designed to be a welcoming, comfortable and an acoustically good place to sit and relax while listening to music. A huge amount of effort went into its construction from every point of view possible. Yes, they contain a lot of room treatment panels, but importantly it retains a sense of musical ‘life’, which is vital for the enjoyment of music.

Whatever you have come along to hear from our available range, it will be done so to the very best of our and its ability.

Please allow at least an hour or two for this. You need to become accustomed to what this room does and how it works with music. We have a good selection of very varied music, and of course you are free to bring along any of your own to listen to as well.

We have permanently ready at least one, if not two complete ‘Reference’ series systems, and can arrange for just about any setup from our brands given a small amount of notice. Vinyl, CD or full streaming / computer based playback can be easily accommodated.

We work on a basis that clients will pre book a demonstration in advance so that you have undivided attention and get to hear and see precisely what you want.

Please, call or email us to book your time here – we are available pretty much 7 days a week from 9 am until 10.30pm

For anyone interested in just how the demonstration rooms were constructed, in some detail, then a semi ‘ blog / diary’ was kept here :-