KEF loudspeakers

Choosing the right loudspeaker for your room is fraught with problems, as you are already probably aware.

With a range of some of the best loudspeakers made, our demonstration rooms may be a great place to start.

The utterly amazing KEF ‘Blade’ is in full time use here.
I’m not going to list the things they do or how they sound – that has been done by far better wordsmiths than I.
Just check out the reviews in the links below.

What we will do is offer you the chance to come and listen to them in surroundings that let them perform to their best, then you can make up your own mind as to whether the reviews are accurate.

At the other end of the spectrum is its diminutive cousin, the equally amazing (given its size and price) LS50 standmount loudspeaker.

Small, perfectly formed for its function, this tiny black box has performance levels that defy logic.

Once again, in full time use here – book yourself some time to come and listen.

For a range that fills the gap between these two extremes we have the :-

KEF Reference series.

We have the range for you to come and listen to, in their respective finishes.

From the smaller but still mighty impressive (and exceedingly heavy) Model 1 standmounts to the Model 3 & 5 floorstanders, the Reference range from KEF is still an ongoing major success story in loudspeaker design.