Vinyl record cleaning

Do you have a record collection in need of some tlc, or perhaps just a few albums in need of a good cleaning? Feel free to bring them along to us and we will treat them with the care and attention that they deserve.

Using our VPI Typhoon record cleaner annoying pops and clicks can be all but eliminated (note – scratches remain unfortunately) along with the collected detritus that has collected in the grooves over time.

Once cleaned they will be placed in NEW Nagaoka anti static sleeves before being replaced in their original sleeves.

Prices per Lp or quotes on complete collections.

Cleaning albums really does make sense. Not only are the annoying usual pops and clicks reduced by a huge amount, it can also help reduce background noise, and helps the stylus stay cleaner for longer and extend it’s working life.

Note – we can only work on standard 12” vinyl.