VPI quickly gained an enviable reputation for their turntables worldwide.
We have at least one in use full time here, and it gets used a lot.

The new “Traveller” is an absolute delight to use and listen to music through.

While it may be their ‘entry level’ deck – it does enter the world of vinyl replay at a very high level.

Complete with arm, ease of setup and use, it has instantly become a much enjoyed piece of equipment here, rejuvenating a lifelong fascination with vinyl records and how to get the best from them.

Even partnered with a MM cartridge and a Simaudio Moon 110 Phono stage, the results have been quiet remarkable.
At this level of expenditure, it has to said the music this makes is way beyond what could reasonably be expected – yet here it is, please feel free to book demonstration to hear for yourself.

While the Traveller is entry level for VPI, they also have a range all the way up to those that want the very best that can be reproduced by vinyl.

The Scout, scoutmaster, classic (in 2, 3 & 4 guises) to made to order HRX and beyond to the Classic DD ( Direct Drive ) with the worlds first 3D printed tonearm.

Available for demonstration with a little notice – all of the above can be accommodated.

The record cleaning machines are all time favourites, and in use here we have the Typhoon (if you need any records cleaned – please check THIS page) and the two versions available in the UK (16.5 & Typhoon) are available to buy, along with a range of spare parts and options.
Record cleaning fluid and spare record sleeves are also stocked.